Spunky Healthy Life

Spunky Healthy Life

About Spunky Healthy Life: Due to early life experiences, at a very young age Arleen Armantage made a vow to herself that she would live a Spunky Healthy Life! It’s been an exciting, passionate journey, with this thread running throughout, resulting in many helpful learnings and insights along the way. In this blog Arleen shares some of the best of what she’s learned so far, with the intention that you may find some “Ahas” that resonate with you and help to smooth your way.

One group of people that Arleen helps is busy on-the-go people leading demanding lifestyles that require them to look and feel good, who are especially concerned about their weight (size and shape) and its effect on their energy level and appearance. These people often are educated in what to do, and are trying to do it, yet are coming up with challenges.

Three problems that Arleen helps these people solve are: 1) their seeing no apparent progress even when they are doing all that they’ve previously learned to do; 2) their lack of time–not enough time to prepare or even eat healthy foods; and 3) their cravings for unhealthy foods.

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