Arleen Armantage, Spunky Healthy Life

Arleen Armantage, Ph.D.

Arleen “Spunky Healthy Life” Armantage helps busy, on-the-go, health-minded (or genuinely intending to be health minded) individuals in Harrisonburg, VA and across the U.S. who are ready to make a positive change! She provides these women and men with simple, safe and  effective nutritional education on what helps with weight loss, along with improved health and fitness.   Best of all, Arleen helps them to have easy access to delicious healthy food fast!

Arleen’s passionate/compassionate lifelong quest to discover how to live a highly vibrant, healthy adult life was sparked as early as age 3, living under the umbrella of her beloved, overweight mother’s constant fear for her own life, as she unsuccessfully struggled through diet after diet attempt, only to experience ever-increasing weight and size, along with steadily declining health.

Despite her best intentions, at age 24 Arleen herself was sentenced to a full summer’s bed rest because her own body had “lost its spunk!” Since that time Arleen has continued personally to study, research, apply, and fine-tune her findings in support of her own–and in time, her clients’–health, healthy weight, and fitness, continually honing her skill of searching out correct principles vs. perceived, often commonly held or trending “truths.”

For the past 23 years Arleen has been privileged to work with and learn from top international experts in plant nutrition, holistic health, and the Eastern health traditions.

Grateful for the full return of her “spunk” and for the blissful freedom of understanding how to eat, drink, AND be healthy–and not having to worry anymore about creating excess weight– it is Arleen’s joy to share with interested others the best of her findings.

Believing that everyone is uniquely gifted, she takes special delight in inspiring and helping others to enjoy living their version of a Spunky Healthy Life, and in turn to be better able to express and share their unique gifts and talents.

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